Thursday, April 4, 2013

Twisted Gear Studios has just released his first android game on Google Play:

You can download it here:

Here some screenshot of the game:

As you can see for yourself, Wild Breaker (that's the name of the game)  is a Bricks Breaking game, like the famous arcade games of the early 90s Breakout and Arkanoid. 
But there is something new under the hood: Wild Breaker features an innovative gameplay gimmik: The Magnetism. Each ball in the game can be charged with two different polarities and so, using the magnet hidden in the paddle, the players can attract and repel the balls, remembering the basic rules of magnetism: balls of the same polarity of the paddle will be repelled and balls of different polarity will be attracted.

The game features two different world, each of them composed of 16 unique levels and plenty of power-ups to help you with the destruction of all the bricks on the screen.

Wild Breaker has a full Scoreloop integration, meaning that you will be able to upload your scores in the global leaderboard to see who is the best player on the globe.

The game features 14 unique achievements to unlock. Show your friends who is the best Wild Breaker player !!!

You can find the game here:

It is free and supports AdMob and Scoreloop...

New Game Modes, Worlds and Levels coming soon!!!!

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